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How much money can I get being a ghost producer?

As ghost producer, you can obtain up to 70% of the total selling price of your ghost produced loops. At MGM we want you to work with us, that’s why we’ve designed a fair and generous system of percentages that rewards your work and the time you’ve invested in your career with us. Check out on this page our percentage table, based on your level on ghostloops
LVL Total value of your item sales Profit
1 0€ 55%
2 250€ 57.5%
3 1000€ 60%
4 5000€ 62.5%
5 10000€ 65%
6 50000€ 67.5%
7 75000€ 70%
8 100000€ 75%

How can I start to upload my loops and samples?

Create an account here and choose the option “be a producer”. Once registered, you’ll be able to upload your loops and samples in just a couple of minutes.

What loop files must I upload?

You must upload the loop in wav, correctly mixed and processed. You can offer the same loop in different keys, BPM or processed, this offers more versatility, flexibility and usability to the buyer searching for the perfect loop for his song. Also you can upload the dry version (without any effect) and wet version (processed version with equalization, compression, etc.. for example). Additionally you can upload following files and formats: midi, presets, one shots, rex2, etc. The more content and usability your loop or loop package has, the higher its price.

Be creative to give your package of loops a head start, it will have more value for the customers and we will reward you by giving you visibility on the Hot picks chart.

You can explain in the product info what files, formats and other details, your loop offers. Also you can explain what processes you have followed to get a certain sound, for example: what frequencies you have equalized or compressed, what plugins you have used, etc.

How can I withdrawal my earnings?

You can withdrawal your earnings through PayPal or bank transfer, the withdrawal takes between 15-30 days.

Can I choose the price for my loops or samples?

You can choose the price category at which you want to sell your loop, the categories range in price between 5€ and 100€. Your price selection will be revised and approved by our technicians, they will determine whether your selection is appropriate based on the quality of the loop (composition, production, and mixing process ) and the quality of the cover artwork of the loop.

How does the Hot picks chart works?

The Hot picks chart is managed by our MGM staff. Our selection will be based on the involvement of the producer and the quality of his loop.

What are the requirements to upload my loops?

  • Quality and originality of the compositions.
  • Quality of the mix processed.
  • Accept and follow our terms and conditions, regarding the originality and confidentiality of your products for sale on MGM.
  • Quality in the graphics (both in the loop covers and in the profile image) uploaded to your profile or loops.
  • The seller will have to choose an appropriate username and an adequate an well written biography.
  • Everything will be subject to the quality standards that we from MGM want to establish.

Are there any confidentiality agreements?

Yes, one of the clauses of the contract of transfer of copyright, is the confidentiality of it, and which prohibits you from officially publishing the nature of the contract.

What about copyright?

When a loop yours is purchased, you transfer the right of exploitation, distribution, reproduction, sharing and transformation of the work to the buyer, under an unique and exclusive license, definitely, unlimited and irreversibly. In this way, only the buyer of your product will have the right to:
  • - Publish your work under his own name, pseudonym, brand, sign, or anonymously.
  • - Exploit economically.
  • - Play it anywhere or in any media.
  • - Modify and alter your work.

What actions are prohibited in Ghostloops?

We take very seriously the originality of our products, our rules are clear:
  • - All content must be yours and original.
  • - You cannot upload copied or plagiarized content.
  • - You cannot release content that you are selling on our platform (before, during or after the sale). All content you are selling on MGM is exclusive and confidential to MGM.
  • - Breaking any point agreed in our contract (terms and conditions).
You will be directly and personally liable under the law if you break any point in our terms and conditions. Therefore, you will have to face the law if a customer has a problem with any of the products, and if you have violated our rules, our legal team will work with the customer to resolve the problem in their favor.

Can I remove my loop from Ghostloops?

You can always take your loop off Ghostloops platform, provided that the loop has not been sold yet in a period of six months.
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